14 Fun New Things For Families To Try in Chilliwack This Weekend

things for families to do in chilliwackWhat to do? Weekends can be long and boring sometimes. It’s easy to fall into predictable routines, so why not shake things up and try something new?

There are lots of fun things to do around Chilliwack if you just use a little creativity, carve out an hour or two, and rope in a friend or family member to join you. 

Try one of these activities in Chilliwack today:

  1. Go For a Scavenger Hunt / walk: It’s fun and great exercise. Try a free Chill and Thrill Scavenger Hunt on local Chilliwack trails with friends or family.
  2. Send Video Emails: Sign up for a free video email account at Bonjoro, record little videos saying hello and use Bonjoro to send your video emails. Video emails are unique and people love getting them.  
  3. Pump it up: Go find the Pump Track in downtown Chilliwack and let your kids loose on it with scooters or bikes, or just watch the kids have a blast on the jumps and bumps on the track. 
  4. De-Junkify. Go into the garage, crawlspace, closet, or other favorite “put it there and never look at it again” spot. Dig out one item. Take a photo of it. Post it on Facebook MarketplaceCraigslist / Freecycle or make a “FREE” sign and stick it out at the end of your driveway. Getting rid of junk feels awesome! Reward yourself with a treat for getting one item listed or outside with a free sign on it.
  5. Play the smart phone autocorrect texting game:  Text a friend in Chilliwack. Take turns writing one word then allow auto correct / auto suggest to suggest what you should say next. Let your phone finish your sentence for you. Have your friend write back starting with the same word and their phone will do the rest. Hours of wacky fun. 
  6. Make some yum: bake something yummy that you’ve never made before. Cinnamon buns, cookies, bread? Or, just go drive to a local Chilliwack bakery and buy something awesome.  
  7. Throw stuff: go find a body of water (eg Vedder River, Cultus Lake, Chilliwack Lake) and some rocks. Throw rocks into water. Endless fun. Try skipping rocks. Throw a stick or log out into the water then try to hit it. Make a prize/reward for whoever hits the target.
  8. Do nothing: Sit on the couch surfing the Internet. Feel your brain and muscles withering. No, wait, you’re already doing that. Forget this one. Do something different.
  9. Draw: Grab a pen/pencil/crayon, and paper. Let your imagination go wild. If you’re short on paper and ideas, grab the free notepad you got from that Chilliwack realtor and give him/her a nice mustache and new hairdo.  
  10. Build a fort: Move some furniture, get every pillow and blanket you can find. Cardboard boxes are great too. Make a mini-fort. Go in there. Do fort stuff. 
  11. Clean the house: HA HA just joking. Baaad author. Slapping own hand now. Sorry, skip this terrible idea.  
  12. Play tourist for the day: Download a guide from Tourism Chilliwack and pretend to be a tourist for the day. See what Trip Advisor suggests.
  13. Learn something new:  Download a podcast app then listen to a new podcast. There’s so much cool stuff out there to learn.
  14. Forget something old: Think about something you can’t shake from your brain that you’d rather forget about. Then, um, uh, actually I don’t know how to erase memories. You’re stuck with that thought in your head now. Try doing one of the things on this list above and that’ll distract you for a while at least.

Bonus Ideas:


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