About Chill and Thrill

What is Chill and Thrill?

Chill and Thrill provides self-guided outdoor experiences you can enjoy anytime or anywhere, on your own or with family and friends. All you need is a smartphone and the desire to get outside, explore and play!

The evolution of an idea

Back in early 2000 I had an idea. I thought there must be a bunch of people out there who would go out on weekly hikes if someone would just organize and lead them.

That idea turned into a quick website and an invite to meet at a local coffee shop on Saturday mornings in Chilliwack. A few people showed up. Then over a few weeks word got out and the club grew to hundreds of members. For years we organized hikes in Chilliwack and the Vancouver area.

Over time I got busy with kids and life so I stopped organizing hikes. However, I kept the Hike Chilliwack website and the Facebook Group going. Now, 16,500+ new Facebook Group members later, people are out hitting the trails in record numbers.

In late 2020, a few months into the Covid pandemic, I started wondering about trying something new, with the main goal of getting people outside and active while still being Covid safe. After polling the hiking club members for feedback and ideas I created a new project called Chill and Thrill.

Our first virtual event, the Summer 10 Trail Challenge, launched in June 2021 with over 160 participants committing to hiking or jogging over 1600 trails. We also raised over $750 for the Chilliwack Park Society. In September 2021 we launched The Fall 10 Trail Coffee Challenge with over 260 local adventurers taking part.

In November 2021, a few days before launch, we had to cancel the Winter 2021 10 Trail Challenge because of massive flooding in the Fraser Valley. A few weeks later we pivoted and launched a new 10 Trail Share Kindness Challenge, a virtual walking or running, acts-of-kindness challenge. A portion of registration fees for this event were donated via the British Columbia Floods and Extreme Weather Appeal at the Canadian Red Cross.

In December 2021 we created a dog-friendly event called 10 Trail Challenge: Dogs, Trails and Coffee. This event has a Fraser Valley option and a do-from-anywhere Global option. For those without a dog we also created the 10 Trail Challenge: Trails and Coffee. The Dog Challenges and the Trails and Coffee Challenge are scheduled to start in March and April 2022. Partial proceeds will be donated to animal shelters and the Chilliwack Parks and Trails Society.

I welcome your feedback and ideas. If you have questions or want to collaborate on creating new experiences, please contact me.

If you’re interested in discussing how we might be able to help promote your local business or nonprofit through one of our upcoming events please learn more about sponsorship.

Want to bring a custom trail Challenge to your area? Contact us today for more details.


Chill and Thrill, Founder
Hike Chilliwack, Founder