About Chill and Thrill

What is Chill and Thrill?

Chill and Thrill provides self-guided outdoor experiences in Chilliwack you can enjoy anytime, on your own or with family and friends. All you need is a smartphone and the desire to get outside, explore and play!

The evolution of an idea

Back in early 2000 I had an idea. I thought there must be a bunch of people out there who would go out on weekly hikes in the Chilliwack area if someone would just organize and lead them. That idea turned into a quick-and-dirty website at HikeChilliwack.com and an invite to meet at the Luckakuk + Vedder Rd Starbucks on Saturday morning at 8am. A few people showed up. Then over a few weeks word got out and a half dozen people started showing up regularly.

Then as the club grew to a group of a few hundred regular members I needed to get some more co-leaders to help lead hikes. The club continued to grow. There was a lot of interest in “guided” type events, especially from women who wanted to hike but who were hesitant to go out on their own.

For years we organized hikes in Chilliwack and the Vancouver area. It was such a great way to meet and connect. People from Chilliwack and the Lower Mainland got out on the trails who might not have otherwise braved putting on their boots. Over time I got busy with kids and life and something had to go – so I stopped organizing hikes. We stopped doing in-person events but I decided to keep the Hike Chilliwack website and the Facebook Group going. (I’m so thankful for all of the work the volunteer Facebook Group moderators continue to do to keep the Group healthy 😊 )

Now, 14,000+ new Facebook Group members later, people are out hitting the trails in record numbers.

In late 2020 I started wondering about trying something new, with the main goal of getting people out exploring Chilliwack while still being Covid safe. After bouncing ideas around and polling the hiking club members in early 2021, Chill and Thrill started to come together. We launched our first four virtual Scavenger Hunts in May 2021 and our first Summer Ten Trail Challenge in June 2021. The Summer Ten Trail Challenge was a success with over 160 participants committing to hiking or jogging over 1600 trails. We also raised over $750 for the Chilliwack Park Society. In September 2021 we’re launching The Fall 10 Trail Challenge, but this time with a twist…

The name Chill and Thrill is a combination of the “Chill” part of “Chilliwack” and also the concept that there will be “chill” (easy or relaxing) and “thrill” (harder or more exciting) adventures and challenges to choose from.

I welcome your feedback and ideas. If you have questions, want to contribute in any way towards creating new experiences, or if you want to repotr a typo contact me today.


Chill and Thrill, Founder
Hike Chilliwack, Founder

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