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The summer 10 Trail Challenge Fraser Valley hiking trails events
Explore 10 local trails and 10 ice cream & beer spots over 10 weeks this summer (June 18 to Sept. 5).
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✅ WHO: Anyone within driving distance of the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

✅ WHAT: It’s a walking, hiking or trail running Challenge

✅ WHERE: On 10 local eastern Fraser Valley trails

✅ WHY: For exploration, fun, fitness, prizes, and supporting local non profits. 10% of your registration fee will be donated to support local trails via the Chilliwack Park Society.

✅ WHEN: The Challenge runs 10 weeks from June 18 to Sept 5, 2022. Registration is now closed. Join our email list to get notified about upcoming Fall 2022 events.

✅ BONUS: Every paid registrant gets a free $5 ice cream gift card and 10% of their registration donated back to local trails. Complete the Superhero version of the challenge and get a free tshirt.

✅ GET A FREE REGISTRATION: Get a total of 3 or more people from your workplace or group of friends to register for the Challenge and we’ll give you a free registration. Just sign up then email us the names of your registered friends and we’ll refund your registration. (Limited time promo for new registrations made between June 16 and July 10.)


Register for the Challenge

Register online and then make it even more fun by inviting a friend to sign-up and complete the Challenge with you.

Walk or run the activities

Do the activities any time: after work, on the weekends, with friends or family.

Complete activities & get rewards

Get Completion Badges as you complete each activity. Share photos on social to win prizes.

Follow us to fun this summer


The 10 Trail Challenge will motivate you to explore new trails and discover new places to chill out (even more fun with friends!). You’ll enjoy a wonderful sense of accomplishment, get free ice cream or drinks, enter to win prizes, and show off completion badges online. You’ll also be supporting local businesses and non-profits. What could be better? 

If you’re looking for something you can do with friends, want to explore local walking and hiking trails, and get fit while you’re at it, this Challenge is for you.

  • You’ll get to explore new trails  
  • You’ll discover new ice cream shops and watering holes
  • 10% of your registration goes back into local trails
  • You’ll get a free $5 ice cream or drink card
  • You could win prizes
  • You’ll have a great sense of accomplishment
  • You’ll get to brag by posting completion badges online
  • You’ll be able to prove you’re a superhero
  • It’s fun to share with friends
  • You can bring your dog: 9 out of the 10 trails are dog-friendly
  • It’ll get you off the couch and away from your screens
  • Forest bathing is good for you
  • Uh, yum. Ice cream.
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This Challenge includes 5 easy “Chill” trails and 5 moderate “Thrill” trails.

The Chill trails are mostly flat, short-ish, and some might say easy. Tackle these before you try the Thrill trails if you don’t get out walking or hiking much. These are perfect family outings or walk-with-a-friend destinations. Our guess is there’s at least two if not more trails on this Chill list that you’ve never even heard of. Play tourist in your own backyard and take the challenge to do them all.

1. Cheam Wetlands Presented by Star 98.3 FM (Chilliwack)
2. Cassiar Park Discovery Trail (Abbotsford)
3. Canyon To Coast Trail Presented by Kent’s Ice Cream (Chilliwack)
4. Browne Creek Wetlands Presented by Sticky’s Garrison (Yarrow)
5. Old Yale Wagon Trail or Duck Farm Loop Presented by Mighty Moose Ice Cream (Yarrow)

hikers on a mountain trail in chilliwack bc


The Thrill trails are not for the faint of heart. These trails require reasonable fitness and a willingness to do a good amount of uphill climbing on forest trails. You’re going to sweat, get a little dirty, and have the time of your life checking these ones off solo or with friends. These aren’t the hardest and steepest trails around, but they are challenging and doable by most anyone of average fitness. In some cases we’ve provided an easy-ish and a difficult trail to choose from in the Thrill Trails list below. 

6. Watt Creek (Cultus Lake)
7. Harrison Grind (Campbell Lake) Trail (Harrison Hot Springs)
8. Elk Mountain Presented by Noura Homes (Chilliwack)
9. Chadsey Lake Presented by Stir Marketing (Abbotsford)
10. Three Bears Trail or Gloria Trail (Chilliwack)

ice cream shops and craft breweries fraser valley chilliwack


We’ve recommended nearby ice cream shops and craft breweries for each trail in this Challenge. Register and you’ll get full access to all of the details.


If you’re a Superhero in the making, consider these super-challenge options (below) as a way to make the Ten Trail Challenge a little spicier for you:

💥 How does it work?

You sign up for the Fraser Valley “Summer 10 Trail Challenge: Ice Cream & Beer” like everyone else, but instead of taking 10 weeks to complete the Challenge, you complete a superhero version of the Challenge.

➡️ Superhero Option 1: Do any 5 of the Challenge trails in one day. (For example, the least amount of driving option might be Three Bears, Canyon to Coast, Browne Creek Wetlands, Old Yale Wagon Trail, Duck Farm.)

➡️ Superhero Option 2: Do the entire 10 Trail Challenge in one week (10 of the trails over 7 consecutive calendar days).
Complete Option 2, along with proof (eg Strava, Garmin, or other fitness tracker screenshots, etc) and we’ll send you a free superhero tshirt.


If you’re fresh off a long season of couch-surfing:

  • Bring a friend to help get you up and going.
  • Walk the trails. Stop, sit, and nap along the way.
  • Bring snacks and drinks.
  • Make short videos of yourself doing the hike. Watch the videos back at home on the couch to motivate you to get out and do the next one on the list.
  • Just do the first 30, 60, or how many minutes you can muster of the more challenging “Thrill” trails. We’ll give you credit for trying 🙂
  • Share your photos, completion badges, and trophies on social media. Get famous.


We love supporting local small businesses (we’re one too). We’re happy to have custom event shirts and hoodies printed here in British Columbia. Add some of our awesome 10 Trail Challenge gear to your registration today.


Recent 10 Trail Challenges have raised over $3500 in donations. Thanks to your participation in the 10 Trail Challenge we’ll be able to continue supporting local nonprofits. 10% of your registration fee will be donated to support local trails via the Chilliwack Park Society.

Chilliwack Park Society


“This is such a cool challenge. I am so happy you guys are doing this. Thank you!”
– Jamie I.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Such a great idea! It was awesome to find new areas to enjoy and get outdoors. Can’t wait for the next challenge!”
– Lisa B.

“Great trails. Will be doing the challenge again!”
– Tamara W.

“A fantastic way to learn about the trails in the area. Well organized and worth it to participate with the family and friends! Loved the summer challenge and have registered for the fall challenge already too.”
– Anita K.

“The Ten Trail Challenge was fun and motivating! The instructions were easy to follow. I loved getting to know some new trails.”
– Kelly P.

“I had a good time checking out new trails and areas to run.”
– Jordan O.


trail running on the beach

Hi, I’m Brent. I’m your local guide. I’ve hand-picked and tested the trails and local chill spots and I’m looking forward to exploring them with you (virtually) this summer. Post your trail and cool-down photos and tag them with #tentrailchallenge and #chillandthrill in Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win prizes.

Our goal here at Chill and Thrill is to get you, your friends and your family outside, active, and playing tourist in your own backyard. If I can help you add more adventure into your life I’ll call that a win. I read recently that “moving your body is a sign you’re alive.” So let’s get busy moving, exploring, and living. Sign-up and join the fun.

Are you up for a fun summer challenge with friends?