Karver’s Trail Treasure Hunt

  • OVERVIEW: a great get-away-from-the-crowds route to the top of Mt. Thom. It’s relatively cool in the summer and a steep-ish climb all year long.
  • ACTIVITY: Treasure hunt
  • DISTANCE: 4.7km Lollipop-shaped route (including a loop at the top of Mt Thom)
  • FITNESS: You need to be able to move yourself 4.7km up and down steep hills. It’s all uphill for the first 2km
  • LOCATION: Karver’s Trail (Ross Road map). Drive less than 1 minute along Ross Road and on your left you’ll see a small dirt parking lot.
  • AMENITIES: Picnic table and outhouse at the parking lot.
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How does it work?

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Pick a Treasure Hunt

Travel to the Treasure Hunt location. Using your phone, click the “start” button, sign the waiver, then begin the hunt.

Your phone is your guide

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  1. Each question in a scavenger hunt is worth points and each question has a time limit. The more questions you get right the higher your score. If you run out of time you get zero points on that question.
  2. Always bring appropriate gear, tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back.
  3. Participants must be at least 19 years old and must read and sign the waiver before taking part in the experience.