Chill and Thrill is launching a new Chilliwack 10 Trail Challenge this fall, but this time with a twist. Over the course of 10-weeks, participants will walk, hike or run 10 all-new local trails plus (optionally) explore some or all of our top 10 recommended local coffee shops.

WHO: This challenge is for people within driving distance of Chilliwack, B.C. who love the outdoors (and sugar & caffeine)

WHAT: It’s a walking, hiking, or running trail-completion and coffeeshop discovery challenge

WHERE: On 10 trails in the Chilliwack B.C. area

WHY: For exploration, fun, fitness, coffee, prizes, and supporting Chilliwack nonprofits


✅ Early Bird Registration: Aug. 15 – 22  ($29. Includes $5-off coffee and a $5 donation to local trails)

Registration: Aug. 23 – Nov. 7 ($34. Includes $5-off coffee and a $5 donation to local trails)

Challenge Begins: Sept. 18

Challenge Ends: Nov. 28 


Register for the Challenge

Register online and then make it even more fun by inviting a friend to sign up to complete the Challenge with you.

Walk, hike or run the trails

Do the trails any time: after work, on the weekends, with friends or family. Explore nearby coffee shops before or after you complete each trail.

Complete trails and get rewards

Get online medals and bragging rights as you complete each trail. Share trail photos on social media to enter to win random draw prizes.


The Fall 10 Trail Coffee Challenge will motivate you to explore new Chilliwack trails and discover new local coffee shops (even more fun with friends!). You’ll enjoy a wonderful sense of accomplishment, get free coffee, enter to win prizes, show off completion badges online, and see how you rank in online leaderboards for each trail. You’ll also be supporting local businesses and non-profits. What could be better? 

If you’re looking for something you can do with friends, want to explore Chilliwack’s walking and hiking trails, and get fit while you’re at it, this challenge is for you.

  • You’ll get to explore new trails in Chilliwack
  • You’ll discover new Chilliwack-area coffee shops
  • You could win prizes
  • You’ll be supporting a local non-profit organizations
  • You’ll have a great sense of accomplishment
  • You’ll get to brag by posting completion badges online
  • It’s fun to share with friends
  • You’ll get to see how you rank for each trail in online leaderboards
  • It’ll get you off the couch and away from your screens
  • Forest bathing is good for you
  • Uh, yum. Coffee.
Ten Trail Coffee Challenge


This challenge is made up of five “Chill” trails (shorter and easier), five “Thrill” trails (longer and harder), and ten local coffeeshops.


The 5 Chill trails are mostly flat, short-ish, and some might say easy. Tackle these before you try the Thrill trails if you don’t get out walking or hiking much. These are perfect family outings or walk-with-a-friend or first date destinations. Our guess is there’s at least two if not more trails on this Chill list that you’ve never even heard of. Play tourist in your own backyard and take the challenge to do them all 🙂

1. Thompson Park (2 laps) (1.4 km, 6 meter elevation gain)
2. The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve Presented by Amble Coffee (2.5 km, 11 meter elevation gain)
3. Island 22 (3.1 km, 4 meter elevation gain)
4. Cheam Wetlands (4.6 km, 34 meter elevation gain)
5. Bridal Spirit Trail (3.5 km, 85 meter elevation gain)


The 5 Thrill trails are not for the faint of heart. These trails require reasonable fitness and a willingness to do a good amount of uphill climbing on forest trails. You’re going to sweat, get a little dirty, and have the time of your life checking these ones off solo or with friends. These aren’t the hardest trails in Chilliwack. Instead, these are City of Chilliwack and Fraser Valley Regional District trails that are challenging but doable by most anyone of average fitness.

6. Hillkeep Park Presented by Hofstedes Country Barn (2.7 km, 99 meter elevation gain)(Extra Shot Challenge: do 2 repeats, opposite directions)
7. Community Forest Presented by Star 98.3 (3.7 km, 173 meter elevation gain)(Extra Shot Challenge: do 2 repeats opposite directions)
8. Baby Thom Presented by SaraBella’s Gluten Free Cafe (2.4 km, 147 meter elevation gain) (Extra Shot Challenge: do 2 repeats opposite directions)
9. Bowman Grind Presented by Stir (2.5 km, 274 meter elevation gain) (Extra Shot Challenge: do 4 repeats)
10. Elk – Thurston  (Elk: 8km and 800 meters elevation gain. Thurston Cairn: 11.5km and 1050 meters elevation gain. ) (Extra Shot Challenge: do 2 Elk or Thurstson Cairn repeats)


We’ve recommended one coffeeshop for each trail in this challenge. Register today and you’ll get the top ten Chilliwack-area coffeeshops guide along with your detailed ten trail guide.


If you’re a superhero, one in the making, or if these trails are just too short and easy for you, the Extra Shot Challenge is for you. Each of the Thrill trails has an Extra Shot option which will have you doing the trail two or more times, in alternating directions for each lap. 

We had 9 Superheroes reveal their awesomeness to the world in the Summer Ten Trail Challenge. Will you strive to achieve even greater glory as a Superhero who does one or all of the Extra Shot Challenges?


We love supporting local businesses and nonprofits. $5 from your registration will be donated to The Chilliwack Park Society and The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. The Summer Ten Trail Challenge raised over $750 for local trails. Thanks to your our participation in the Fall Ten Trail Coffee Challenge we’re able to continue supporting local parks and trails.


If you’re fresh off a long season of couch-surfing:

  • Bring a friend to help get you up and going. Please be Covid safe.
  • Walk the trails. Stop, sit, and nap along the way.
  • Bring snacks and drinks.
  • Make short videos of yourself doing the hike. Watch the videos back at home on the couch to motivate you to get out and do the next one on the list.
  • Share your photos, completion badges, and trophies on social media. Get famous.
calling all couch surfers - ten trail challenge

Are you up for a fun challenge with friends?