Scavenger Hunts

What is a Chill and Thrill Scavenger Hunt?

A Chill and Thrill Scavenger Hunt is a fun, self-guided experience that gets you out exploring your community. You can walk, hike or jog most Hunts while following simple instructions on your smartphone. You’ll be asked to follow directions, find things and answer questions.

Each question is worth points and each question has a time limit. The more questions you get right the higher your score. If you run out of time you get zero points on that question.

scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

Scavenger Hunt #1

A scenic 8km walk or jog on wide, well-groomed trails through forests and along the Vedder River in Chilliwack, BC.

southside vedder rotary trail, chilliwack bc walking hiking jogging trails - chill and thrill

Scavenger Hunt #2

A great 4.7km hilly get-away-from-the-crowds route to the top of Mt. Thom. Relatively cool in the summer and a steep-ish climb all year long.

karver's trail, chilliwack bc hiking walking running trails - chill and thrill adventures

Scavenger Hunt #3

This steep 2km mossy forest loop trail travels past creeks and through stands of old-growth trees. Beautiful!

Community forest trail chilliwack - scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt #4 

First time Scavenger Hunter? Start with this one. It’s short, flat and fun for everyone 🙂

A fun, short, easy-to-access Scavenger Hunt on the Rotary Trail near Vedder Park in Chilliwack BC.

Scavenger Hunt #5 

The Old Marble Hill Road’s trail is 1.9km and offers a great view, beautiful little creek and fun playground.

view from old marble hill road - scavenger hunt - chilliwack hiking trail

Scavenger Hunt #6 

Luckakuk Creek Trail

Flat and easy. Coming July 2021.

scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

Scavenger Hunt #7

Elk Mountain Trail

Hilly and challenging! Coming Summer 2021.

scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

Scavenger Hunt #8

Lickman Ponds Trail

Short, easy and flat. Coming 2021.

scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

Scavenger Hunt #9

Salmon Ridge Trail

Hilly. Coming 2021.

scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

Scavenger Hunt #10

Browne Creek Wetlands

Easy and flat. Coming 2021.

scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

How does it work?

Register Online

Register online with Chill and Thrill to get your personal account.

Pick a Scavenger Hunt

Pick a hunt and, on your smartphone, click the “Start” button to sign-up and begin!

Use Your Phone as Your Guide

Follow the instructions on your smartphone’s web browser to guide you through the hunt.

Chilliwack Scavenger Hunts

  1. Southside Rotary Trail  (Flat: 8 km)
  2. Karver’s Trail (Hilly: 4.7 km)
  3. Lex Qwo:m Park (Hilly: 2 km)
  4. Vedder Bridge Rotary Trail (Easy & Flat: 1.4 km) ★Try First★
  5. Old Marble Hill Road Trail  (Hilly: 2 km)
  6. Luckakuk Creek Trail (Easy & Flat; Coming Summer 2021)
  7. Elk Mountain Trail (Coming Summer 2021)
  8. Lickman Ponds Trail (Coming 2021)
  9. Salmon Ridge Trail (Coming 2021)
  10. Browne Creek Wetlands (Coming 2021)

Watch for new Scavenger Hunts added regularly!



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