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Take the challenge to share kindness in your community as you walk or jog local routes and trails. Invite a friend, register today, and help support local food banks and BC flood recovery. 

Registration for this Challenge is now closed. See other upcoming events and register today.

WHO: This Challenge is open to anyone in the world who loves the outdoors and helping others

WHAT: It’s a walking or running and acts-of-kindness Challenge

WHERE: On 10 local trails and 10 routes in your town

WHY: For exploration, fun, fitness, prizes, and supporting local flood recovery



  • Regular Registration: $39

Challenge is open for you to register and start today (registration closes Jan. 15, 2022)

Challenge Ends Mar. 6

If you start the Challenge in January you will have ample time to complete the Challenge.

Give 10 Get 10
Once you’ve registered for this Challenge you can take advantage of our Give 10 Get 10 offer. It’s simple: you invite a friend to this Challenge using a special link, they get $10 off their registration for this Challenge and you get $10 towards your next event. It’s free. Watch for details on the Challenge registration confirmation page.


Register for the Challenge

Register online and then make it even more fun by inviting a friend to sign-up and complete the Challenge with you.

Walk or run the activities

Do the activities any time: after work, on the weekends, with friends or family.

Complete activities and get rewards

Get online Completion Badges as you complete each activity. Share photos on social media to win prizes.


The 10 Trail Share Kindness Challenge will motivate you to get active, get out in your community, exploring new places, and share kindness by supporting both foodbanks in your own community and flood relief in BC. You’ll enjoy a wonderful sense of accomplishment. You’ll also earn Completion Badges, enter to win prizes, and earn points you can use to save money on future Challenge registration.


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In the spirit of the season, and to help support our local communities, participants are given suggested but optional “acts of kindness” activities to perform along with each walk or run (ranging from encouraging a friend, to sharing a kind word, or donating to a local food bank).

Recent 10 Trail Challenges have raised over $2000 in donations. Thanks to your participation in the 10 Trail Share Kindness Challenge we’ll be able to continue supporting local nonprofits.

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We love supporting local small businesses (we’re one too), so we’re happy to have these custom Share Kindness shirts printed here in British Columbia. Add the Official Share Kindness Unisex T-Shirt to your registration today.

Official 10 Trail Share Kindness Challenge TShirt


QUESTION: What happend to the “10 Trail Challenge” where you guide participants through specific trails like in the recent Summer and Fall 10 Trail Challenges?

ANSWER: Due to catastrophic flood here in BC, we’ve postponed that type of Challenge for the time being and pivoted to this virtual challenge that anyone can do from anywhere in the world without having to venture out onto roads or trails that are under repair. We think this new challenge is kind of awesome as we’ve made a bunch of fun activities for you to complete while you’re out walking and running. You’ll be supporting your local community as well as BC flood relief. And don’t fear! Once the weather calms down, and roads and trails are repaired, we’ll look forward to creating trail-specific challenges again.

QUESTION: Can I see the list of trails before I register? What if I can’t drive to the trails, roads are flooded, or they’re too far away?

ANSWER: There is no trail list and this event does not require driving to Chilliwack. Because of the floods we’ve changed the nature of this 10 Trail Challenge. Previous Challenges guided participants through 10 specific trails. We can’t do that at this time because trails and roads are in disrepair. As a result, we’ve created 10 trail-based and 10 local-route-based activities that can be done in any town anywhere in BC or around the world. Instead of recommending specific trails, in this Challenge we recommend different types of trails, terrain, and distances for each activity. Some activities can even be done in your own neighborhood, others on trails near your home. Participants use the instructions from each activity as their guide to pick a suitable local trail or route in town (ones they know are accessible) to complete each Challenge activity.

We’ve also made two of the Challenge activities visible and “unlocked” so you can see a random sampling. See them here. Scroll down the page and find “Timby” and “The Gump”. You’ll see there are 20 different activities (each with a unique “share kindness” activity built in), so there’s a wide variety of adventures waiting for you. You’ll have fun checking these off with friends and family.

And, finally, each of the Challenge’s 20 activities have a walking option and a running option to choose from. We had fun making and testing these Challenges and we think people are going to have fun this winter doing them solo or with family or friends. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s results from Challenge #5 “The Rocky” and Challenge #7 “Blurrier”.

QUESTION: Who can participate?

ANSWER: This Challenge is open to adults anywhere in the world. You do NOT need to live in Chilliwack, BC, or even Canada to participate. Families are welcome to participate together with registered parents. Sign up and invite a friend to register and complete a Challenge with you today 🙂

Got a question? Please drop us a note. We’re friendly 🙂

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